The Great Statelessness Quiz

So, you’ve read a lot about statelessness, nationality and rights. Would you like to test your knowledge in the great statelessness quiz?

Question 1 – Maths (bet you didn’t see that coming did you?)

While no one knows exactly how many stateless people there are in the world, the United Nations has estimated that a child is born stateless every ten minutes. Look at the clock now, and look at the clock again when you finish this quiz, how many babies would have been born stateless in that time?

But here’s the question. If one child is born stateless every 10 minutes, how many children are born stateless:

  1. in one day?
  2. in one week?


Question 2 – Maths again! (sorry)

There are at least 50 countries in the world which deny women equal nationality rights as men (to keep their own nationality, or to pass it on to someone else). Of these, 25 countries do not give women equal rights to pass on nationality to their children. There are roughly 200 countries in the world (there are really 195, but for this problem, let’s imagine there were 200).

Now, can you, figure out both as a fraction and as a percentage of the total number of countries in the world (200):

  1. the number of countries which deny women equal nationality rights.
  2. the number of countries which deny women the equal right to pass on their nationality to their children.


Question 3 – causes of statelessness.

Which of these is not a cause of statelessness?

  1. A country breaks up in to two or more new countries. Everyone loses the nationality of the old country, but not everyone gains a nationality of a new country.
  2. A country makes a bad law, which says that people from a certain minority cannot be its nationals, even though these people have always lived there, for many generations.
  3. A baby is born, but the baby’s birth is not registered. However, the law of the country in which the baby was born says that all people born in the country are nationals.
  4. A mother gives birth to a baby, but the law in her country says that women cannot pass on their nationality to their children.


Question 4 – know your rights

Which of these statements about rights is wrong?

  1. every child has the right to play
  2. every child has the right to eat ice cream every day
  3. every child has the right to a nationality
  4. every child has a right to be safe.


Question 5 – Geography

I met the Bajau Laut in my travels. They are a minority in Malaysia, who live in a very special way. What habitat do the Bajau Laut occupy?

  1. water
  2. mountains
  3. desserts
  4. space

quiz map


Question 6 – More Geography!

My travels took me to many countries. I started marking them on this world map in red, but never finished naming the countries I’d marked. Can you finish the job for me? The countries are:

  1. Nepal
  2. The Netherlands
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Macedonia
  5. Kenya
  6. The Dominican Republic
  7. Cote d’Ivoire
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Malaysia
  10. Germany


Question 7 – Still More Geography

The map also marks ten other countries in yellow, all of which have stateless populations. Can you name them too? The countries are:

  1. Myanmar
  2. Latvia
  3. Thailand
  4. Sweden
  5. Kuwait
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Russia
  8. South Africa
  9. Madagascar
  10. The United Kingdom
  11. United States
  12. Australia
  13. Chile
  14. Brazil

Can you do research and think of other countries with large stateless populations? Name them and mark them on the map!


Question 8 – Discrimination

We have learnt a lot about discrimination. Which of the below, is an example of discrimination?

  1. My school friend’s father gave him a really nice present on his birthday. It was a really cool magic set. But on my birthday, he didn’t give me a present.
  2. We had our sports meet the other day. There were separate races for girls and boys. The girls and boys did not race each other.
  3. We had a test today in class. It was very unfair. I hadn’t studied and so I didn’t know any of the answers. My friend had studied and she did very well.
  4. One of my classmates is disable He can’t walk, he has a wheelchair. We went on a class trip recently, and he couldn’t join us, because the bus we went in had really small doors which couldn’t fit his wheelchair.


Question 9 – Birth Registration

You are asked to design a new birth certificate, to include the most important information that is needed to figure out what nationality the baby should have. Which two items from the below list, must you include?

  1. The place in which the baby was born
  2. The number one song, the day the baby was born
  3. The identities of the baby’s parents
  4. The colour of the baby’s hair

Well done! You’ve finished the quiz! Now you can quiz someone else ?

And remember to check the time. How many children have been born stateless while you answered these questions?

Question 10 - Nationality

Which of these documents is proof that you have a nationality?

  1. Your passport
  2. Your bus ticket
  3. Your school library card
  4. Your birth certificate