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Crossword puzzle


2 - One of Europe's oldest and largest ethnic minority groups. Some of them are stateless.

9 - A document that allows you to leave your country and enter another country, and to return back to your own country.

12- The set of main laws of a country, that all other laws must follow. These usually include everyone’s rights in the country.

14 - A child who is found somewhere, whose parents are unknown. These children can be at risk of statelessness if there are no good safeguards to protect against statelessness.

15 - Unfair and bad treatment of people based on certain qualities of theirs, such as their skin colour, gender, religion or disability.

16 - To identify as a girl/woman or a boy/man you are often asked "what is your ____?"



1 - Everyone has a right to this. We should all have the ______ of a country with which we have a strong bond, for example, because we were born there, our parents are from there and/or we live there.

3  - The currency (money) of Bangladesh.

 4 - Entering basic information about someone – usually on an important occasion like birth or marriage - in a system of public records.

 5 - A minority group who have lived in Myanmar for centuries but are not recognised as nationals of Myanmar and are treated very badly.

 6 - Someone who is treated so badly in their own country, that they have to run away and seek safety in another country.

 7 - A vehicle with two wheels that moves with a pedalling movement.

 8 - The period of time before adulthood.    

 10 - A person who is not recognised by any country as it’s national, is a ________ person.

 11 - An exercise to obtain important information about all the people living in a country.

 13 - A spicy, sweet and milky tea commonly drunk in South Asia.


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