Action Stations!

I hope you feel inspired like I do! As you can see, there are lots of ways in which you can ‘act’, to raise awareness, protest, campaign, create art and further your own knowledge. Here are some ideas of things you can do!

Let us know what you've done! 


  • You can be a campaign champion yourself by quizzing and informing as many people as you know about statelessness! Start with your family and friends. You can also speak to your teacher and your classmates.  
  • You and your friends can write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or for your school magazine or to your local politician, telling them what statelessness is and how they can help to address it.
  • You have the power to educate even more people! Would you like to make a 90 second video explaining what statelessness is and why it is important to ensure everyone has a nationality?  Send it to friends or family by email, Facebook or WhatsApp. Or upload it to You tube. Remember though, always stay safe online!
  • You can paint a picture about statelessness. It can have a strong message or it can be one which observes the life of a stateless person. How would you portray statelessness as a picture? Maybe you can enter your picture into an art competition, or for your school exhibition!
  • You can make a poster to hang at home or in your classroom about the nationality law in your country and about any children who are struggling to be recognised as a national. Or your poster can give important information or messages, about every child’s right to a nationality, or the rights that all stateless children have.
  • You can come up with good slogans for protests.  Slogans like “Everyone should have a nationality” or “nationality for all”. Can you think of more?
  • If you are feeling very creative, you can even write a poem or a short story or a play or a song. You could perform it at your school, or in front of friends or family? Check out the create page on this site for some inspiration!

These are just some examples. Try different things. Find out what works for you. How can you best understand and communicate the feelings inside of you? Use your talents to raise awareness about statelessness and nationality. Teach other people what you have learnt. Make them also interested.